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Bid Procurement Process

          The City of Semmes abides by the Competitive Bid Laws according to Sections 41-16-50 through 41-16-63, Code of Alabama 1975. 

Competitive Bid Law:

          The expenditure of funds of whatever nature for labor services, work, or for the purchase or lease of materials, equipment, supplies or other personal property, involving $15,000 or more shall be made under contractual agreement entered into by free and open competitive bidding, on sealed bids, to the lowest responsible bidder.

Notice Requirements:

          Purchases in excess of $15,000 shall be advertised by posting notice thereof on a bulletin board maintained outside the purchasing office (City Hall) and in any other manner and for such lengths of time as may be determined, provided however, that sealed bids shall also be solicited by sending notice by mail to all persons, firms or corporations who have filed a request in writing that they be listed for solicitation on bids for such particular items as set forth in such request.

      • For exemptions see Section 41-16-50, Code of Alabama 1975

Public Works Bidding:

          Public works projects are specifically exempt from the regular bid law.  Public works projects involving expenditures of less than $50,000 do not have to bid.

Notice Requirements:

          For public works contracts between $50,000 and $500,000, the municipality must publish notice of the request for bids at least once in a newspaper of general circulation published in the municipality.  If there is no newspaper in the municipality, then the municipality must simply post the request for bids on a bulletin board maintained outside the purchasing office (city hall).

          The municipality must also send notice by mail to all persons who have filed a request in writing to be notified of a solicitation for bids for the type public works project in the request.

          For public works contracts over $500,000, the municipality must satisfy the above requirements and must also advertised for sealed bids at least once in three newspapers of general circulation throughout the state.

      • For exceptions see Section 39-2-1, Code of Alabama 1975.

          To be listed for solicitation on bids please notify City Hall at (251) 649-5752.

          Sealed bids for either above listed scenario will be opened and read aloud by the City Clerk at a public meeting.  Bids will be tabulated and a recommendation will be made to the City Council.  The lowest responsible bidder will be awarded the contract by vote of the City Council at a City Council Regular Session meeting.

Learn More about the Code of Alabama 1975 – Article 2 – State Bid Laws


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