Did you know that approximately 33% of all traffic accidents that result in State assistance in Mobile County take place on Moffett Road?

City government’s main goal is to keep its citizens safe and something had to be done.

The City partnered with ALDOT and hired a traffic engineer consultant to perform a traffic study. The study consisted of traffic counts, field reviews, capacity analysis of peak hour traffic conditions, and a review and analysis of recent crash data.

Based on the recommendations of the traffic study, the City and ALDOT hired Thompson Engineering to work on a design to address the traffic issues. The new design achieved the following recommendations of the traffic study:

  1. Increased visibility at intersection by widening and providing offset turn lanes
  2. Installed bubble to allow for safe west to east “U-turns”
  3. Added northbound turn lane to McCrary to relieve traffic congestion
  4. Added medians to limit unsafe left turn movements from the center lane directing those turns to the signalized intersection
  5. Created right-in/right-out driveway accesses to prevent unsafe crossing of oncoming traffic
  6. Installed new traffic signals and street lights using smart technology to better control the flow of traffic

The City believes that changes made to the Moffett/McCrary intersection will improve safety by providing better visibility, improve the flow of traffic, and reduce the number of un-safe turning movements.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during construction and want you to know that this entire project was created to improve safety for the citizens of Semmes.