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Semmes Woman's Club

“The Heart and Hands of Semmes Since 1954”

History, Mission & Goals of Semmes Woman’s Club

          The Semmes Woman’s Club (aka SWC) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization of women committed to promoting leadership through effective volunteerism and improving our community by providing services that benefit the public interest. Its purpose is exclusively charitable and educational. Founded in 1954, SWC’s current focus areas are education, beautification and historical preservation of our local culture and heritage. As an organization of approximately forty women volunteers, SWC is proud to give of its time and resources to improving and serving our community. The greatest gift that SWC provides to our area is our volunteers—women who give selflessly of their time and talents to fill the gaps for specific needs within the area. SWC offers diverse opportunities to work together with other non-profit agencies, schools, civic groups and other organizations to discover ways that we can collaborate to supplement services and programs unique to our locality. Countless volunteer hours per year plus monetary and donated contributions and sponsorships help fulfill our purpose to improve and strengthen the quality of life for the citizens in our community.

Current Programs, Activities & Accomplishments

    • SWC partners with the Semmes Regional Library. In addition to monetary contributions, we provide trained volunteers to assist with services such as the Summer Reading Program, story times, craft projects and rotating art displays at the Semmesonian Art Gallery.
    • SWC provides support for the Semmes Heritage Park Historical Complex in the form of monetary contributions, material goods and trained volunteers to conduct guided tours, give lectures, and assist with community events such as the annual Old Fashioned Christmas and Semmes Heritage Day.
    • SWC is a Partner in Education with MGM High School, Semmes Middle School, Allentown Elementary and Semmes Elementary.
    • SWC launched a new Semmes Woman’s Club Cookbook in 2019.
    • SWC sponsors annual contributions and volunteers with Semmes Boys & Girls Club.
    • SWC is a Semmes Chamber of Commerce member.
    • SWC provides and maintains a “Welcome to Semmes” entrance signs on the east and west boundaries of Semmes to encourage pride in the community.
    • SWC presents on a rotating basis a decorative Beautification Award Sign to a deserving business which encourages environmental awareness.
    • SWC participates in the Semmes Fire Department Burnout Fund.
    • SWC partners with local leaders to complete beautification community workdays.
    • SWC participates with the yearly Career Expos at local schools.
    • SWC serves as a sponsor and hostess for the annual Semmes Azalea Festival.
    • SWC sponsors annual Citizenship Awards to recognize outstanding female students for each of the local schools.
    • SWC partners with local schools to present an Honors Brunch for Retired Educators each year to recognize their service to the community and education.
    • SWC provides Christmas for a Semmes Alta Pointe Disabilities Group who are without family support.
    • SWC presents an annual Semmes Christmas TOUR to showcase premier homes, parks, landmark sites & retail businesses that are beautifully decorated for the holidays. In addition, a Tasting Tour is presented which features 15-20 local restaurants, specialty shops, and caterers who provide “tastings” of traditional southern favorites. This event was endorsed as an official Alabama 200 celebration for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.
    • SWC partners with the Mobile County Commission and the City of Semmes to provide and oversee the Semmes Senior Center. The Center offers countless possibilities for the sixty-two plus generation to engage in a multitude of educational, cultural, and recreational programs.