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Community Programs

        Fire prevention is very important to the City of Semmes Fire and Rescue Department. It is committed to help educate the public on fire safety, thereby preventing possible deaths and injuries to the citizens of Semmes. This is accomplished by educational classes for school children, talking to civic organizations, special community events, public announcements, and demonstrations on various topics.

Smoke Detector Give-Away Program (Partnership with United Way)

        The smoke detector “give-away” program is designed for residents in the jurisdiction of the City of Semmes Fire and Rescue Department. Once Semmes Fire and Rescue is aware of a home without a smoke detector, they can install a battery operated smoke detector (or detectors) in the appropriate locations and in a professional manner. Please contact the City of Semmes Fire and Rescue Department at (251) 283-7060 for more information concerning this program or to schedule an appointment for the smoke detection installation in your home. Remember, these are battery powered detectors and not hard-wired detectors.

Scheduled Requests

        Requests can be made through the Semmes Fire and Rescue Department at (251) 283-7060 for the following services:

    • Community Events
    • Fire Station Tours
    • School Education Classes
    • Fire Extinguisher Use
    • Smoke Alarm Installations

Kevin Brooks

Fire Chief

[email protected]

9010 Forest Street
Semmes, AL 36575

Phone: (251) 283-7060

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm