October 7, 2017

 City of Semmes

RE: Update on Hurricane Nate


The City of Semmes is closely monitoring Hurricane Nate. The hurricane is now a category 1, predicted to strengthen before landfall. Landfall is expected at approx. 9 pm along the coastal areas. Tropical force winds are already being felt in Semmes. It is strongly recommended that you stay off of the roads.

The City of Semmes has called in additional personnel from the Fire department and Public Works department to help respond to calls and mitigate the effects of Hurricane Nate. Crews are ready to do damage assessment and debris removal after the storm passes. Please call Semmes Public Works at 251-442-4334 or 251-366-0404 if you see any trees blocking a roadway that our emergency vehicles cannot pass.

Please take every precaution to keep yourself and your family safe during the next several hours. Have your flashlights, emergency radios, and water prepared, as power outages have already been reported.

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For current storm tracking updates, please visit the following site: