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Message From Our Mayor

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Growing up, raising a family, and owning a successful business in Semmes, Alabama has given me a desire to be involved with the direction and growth of our community. Spending the majority of my life in Semmes, I see the same desire and passion our community has to see it move forward.   


In August of 2020, I was elected as Mayor of Semmes, Alabama, and am honored to be representing everyone in our community. My Administration will run a positive term, one in which we will display integrity and honesty in all our interactions and treat all that we encounter with the utmost respect.


Through my business, I have served this community and advocated for a better Semmes for the past 12 years.  Through advocation of a better Semmes, I, as well as, other business leaders wanted our voices to be heard. We wanted a relationship and partnership with the City to help improve our area and move forward. In 2014, we created the Semmes Chamber of Commerce. Since that time, I have served on many positions on the Board of Directors for the Chamber.


It was through this time while meeting with the public and other business owners, I finally decided to be the top political figure in the City. The people of Semmes naturally want more. Whether it’s more protection, more growth, more retail options, or more reasons to stay and invest in The City. It was time for Vision, Growth, and Prosperity. Now more than ever, it is just as important to focus and invest in the future of Semmes as it is educating and investing in its’ past.  


During my tenure, we will reinstate all Committees that have an impact on our prosperity and protection. Committees such as the Public Safety Committee, the Parks and Recreation Committee, the Public Works Committee, and the Historic Preservation Committee have been reinstated.  I will ask qualified, experienced, and highly motivated citizens to be on these Committees. Further, I will create an Advisory to the Mayor Committee which will consist of business leaders, community leaders, and citizens that will play a vital role in the growth and economic prosperity of Semmes. 


Semmes will lead the charge in creating a desirable economic community that will attract and retain business while still preserving that “small-town” community ambiance. We will lead the way in creating a safer and more protected Semmes. If our Community and businesses do not feel they are protected, they will seek residence and opportunities elsewhere. For the City of Semmes, Public Safety will be the absolute and most important commitment from our City to our community.


Our goal will be focusing on the three basic fundamental needs of a City, Public Safety, Infrastructure, and Economic Development. While other cities that surround us are growing leaps and bounds, it is our turn! Once we can start reducing crime and attracting developers and business leaders, Semmes will be and can be one of the most prosperous cities in the State of Alabama.  


During my Administration, we pledge to bring new energy, new openness, and transparency to all important decisions that bear upon the quality of life to Semmes residents. People deserve a say in how their local government operates; it assures the citizens that the City government is accessible and accountable.


Together, we will Build a Better Future Today that will last long after us, ensuring future generations will live in a better and safer Semmes than the one we call home today! 



Mayor Brandon B. Van Hook

Brandon Van Hook            Mayor 

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