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Public Works Services

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The Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments

        These departments support essential infrastructure services to the City and the community by providing on-going maintenance of right of ways, streets, drainage maintenance, traffic signs, lights and signals. Capital projects are also managed through Public Works.

Duties and Responsibilities

        The Public Works Department provides construction, technical, permitting, and planning services to the City and its citizens in order to enhance the overall infrastructure and development of the City.

        Infrastructure inspection is performed on any infrastructure within right of way that will be maintained by the City to include:

•Roadway and bridge construction
•Utility construction
•Subdivision development
•Storm water and erosion control

        Permitting – Includes utilities, storm water/erosion control, driveways, and city-required permits.

Summary of Public Works Maintenance Services:

Litter Removal

Crews perform routine litter and dead animal removal within the streets and right of ways of the City limits.

Street Repairs/Pothole Patching

Crews repair potholes and street failures routinely and upon request within the City limits.

Ditch and Drainage Maintenance

Crews repair drains, inlets, and eroded ditches within the City limits upon inspection or request.

Right of Way Mowing and Trimming

Crews mow and trim City Right-of-ways, Parks, and Facilities on a routine basis during the growing season.Priority is given to major through fares, but requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please call the Public Works department for non-routine maintenance requests.

Traffic and Street Signs

Crews repair and replace all street and traffic signs within the City limits as needed.

Traffic Lights and Signals

The City contracts all traffic light and signal maintenance to a certified and licensed contractor.

To request any of the services above, please call the Public Works Department or fill out a request on the Report a Concern page and submit.

Jason Franklin

Jason Franklin

Public Works Director

City Hall-Building Department     One Main Street.                       Semmes, Alabama 36575


[email protected]

Phone: (251) 649-5752

Fax: (251) 649-5788

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1757
Semmes, AL 36575

Monday – Friday
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